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" Even experienced hiring managers are more likely to put a male candidate forward ."

Creating a fairer recruitment process and workplace.  

It turns out that using resumes isn't fair, simply because of the name at the top.  Research shows that females are disadvantaged significantly as a result of unconscious bias.


Fortunately there's a tool that can now fix this.



Consider this:


In an experiment by Hays, over 1000 hiring managers were asked to review a resume.

Half got a resume from “Simon Cook", the other half got an identical resume but from “Susan Campbell”.

Here's what happened :

Managers put forward the male candidate 27% more of the time.

( recruiters at large companies, hiring at least 20 times a year)


For every 100 identical candidates selected for interviewing, 44 would be female, and 56 male.

Source: Hays study 2015 "Gender Diversity: Why aren't we getting it right?"

gender imbalance



Need more Proof?

238 university professors were given a resume to review

Half received a resume from "John Garcia".

The other half got an identical resume, but with the name "Janet Garcia" at the top. 

Again, the male candidate was more likely to be interviewed than the female.

 Source: “Avoiding gender bias in recruitment" 2010

Unconscious gender bias

The FIRST thing people see on a resume is the candidate's NAME.

Unconscious gender bias is a well researched and documented issue that affects people everyday. The evidence shows that even after generations of attempted change, there is still a long way to go until we view males and females in an equitable way.

But while the challenge for reducing people's subconscious gender bias is going to take time, there is a way we can reduce gender bias today...


How does it work?


ResumeX removes the candidate's name and identifying details .


It also ensures that marital status and other gender distinguishing characteristics and interests are also not visible to the reader. 


You see everything else. 



Candidates are then judged on merit.

Not gender. Not race. Not age.



Take a look at how the process works in this quick video (less than 1 min):



ResumeX gets beneath the skin, like an Xray, to focus on the information you really need to see.





Reducing Ethnic Discrimination

Ethnic diversity is also compromised when bias and prejudice are allowed to permeate the recruitment process.

ResumeX reduces racial and ethnic discrimination, and is a simple way to ensure fairness and equality during the resume assessment phase.


Whether or not you agree that unconscious gender bias exists, what have you got to lose by removing the names from resumes?


Why do you need to see their NAME BEFORE knowing ANYTHING ELSE about them?

Why not remove it from the process?

Find out about a free trial here.

Removing gender bias works!


Orchestra auditions now hide musicians behind a screen.

It increased females being selected by 50%!


 Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians 1997 - Claudia Goldin, Cecilia Rouse